About Us

When you feel like you keep trying and trying to do everything right but life continues to present challenge, after challenge, struggles and endless obstacles and at times, you feel like you are simply fighting just to make it through the day.  Some question their faith, some grow closer and some lose their fight because their struggles are just too much for them.  Everyone is fighting some type of battle – YOU ARE NOT ALONE.  Fear, worry, doubt, anxiety, depression, PTSD, all make us feel broken inside, but appear “normal” on the outside.  Sometimes we just want to shout “Be Kind 2 Me” because you have no idea what I am going through ….. but also need reminders to be kind 2 ourselves during difficult times as well.  We search and pray, even cry out for signs of hope and direction, and sometimes, we simply need to be surrounded by those “signs” to keep moving forward.

Just when I had already been through so many life challenges, in 2015, battling an abusive relationship, that tragically ended, then later followed by two significant health scares, I desperately begged God for strength and answers.  While learning how to heal,  I knew God had a MUCH bigger purpose for me - with a love to inspire and help people, along with a creative heart, fighting to rise above my own personal experiences of trauma, Be Kind 2 Me was founded. 

Be Kind 2 Me designs are inspired by strength and courage and made with lots of love. Our mission is to create quality clothing and accessories with positive and inspirational words or quotes to influence both you and others.  Each product has been carefully selected for quality and every piece of our clothing for luxuriant comfort and uniquely screen printed with water based eco-friendly inks for a softer touch.  Creating a community of warriors to support each other during difficult times while making a difference and giving back – because we are stronger together!!     

YOU are beautiful, YOU are enough, YOU are loved, be YOU, fight to be the best version of YOU, because YOU are worth it, your past or current situation doesn’t define who YOU are, YOU are strong and courageous and YOU WILL RISE ABOVE!! 

We are SO grateful to have you and look forward to you being a part of the Be Kind 2 Me family!!

(Founder & Chief Encouragement Officer)