Asking for Help is a Sign of Strength, Courage & Bravery, Not a Sign of Weakness

If you or someone you know is hurting and thinking of harming themselves, please call or text 988 - you are not alone and there are people that can help and want to help you. And know that seeking help is nothing to be ashamed of, or embarrassed of, it does not make you weak, unworthy or unloved.

The stigma that society places on mental health, we need to break those chains. You are not alone there are so many that are struggling with a battle we know nothing about. Suicide hits close to home, losing a loved one to suicide is unimaginable pain that never leaves your heart and comes in waves of grief, pain and remembrance.

Putting on a brave face is easier than asking for help, it is easier than admitting that you need help, it is easier than being vulnerable and letting your loved ones know that you are suffering and in pain and can’t do it by yourself. Let’s make a promise to help our loved ones, let’s talk about mental health, depression and anxiety, and knowing that there is help if you have suicidal thoughts. Check on them, really check on them, ensuring them they do not need to suffer in silence behind a mask of forced happiness.

If you are suffering, please know there is hope. Know you are not weak for asking for help, you are brave and courageous. You matter. You are strong. You are amazing. You are worthy. You are loved beyond measure and we need you here. You are a bright light that shines in the world and special to so many! 

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